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About Us

You can get a free Fidget Spinner with the purchase of any Graspy product.

The Graspy® represents the idea that life doesn’t always have to be difficult. We believe in innovation and the ability to make your mobile device work for you, instead of the other way around. The dependency that we have on phones and tablets has increased exponentially in recent years. We all have mobile devices. We all rely and depend on the gadgets that make our lives a little easier. We were amazed that there wasn’t a “phone holder” in every accessory store across the world. It seemed like a large gap in a very broad market. With that thought, The Graspy® emerged.

In early 2016, the founder Morgan Martin, went to the drawing board and began the journey that would become “The Graspy®”. It’s quite simple, we provide products that allow our users to live a little more freely in the confidence that their devices are safe and secure in their hands.

After extensive research, testing, and plenty of errors, we decided to offer our fans something unique, OPTIONS. With the understanding that everyone has their own needs and styles, we have focused on providing a variety of options to cater to every personality. We currently offer four different products: The Gripper®, The Ringer®, The Slider®, and The Popper®. All of our products are composed of the highest quality eco-friendly materials and 3M adhesives. Perfection is something that can never be achieved but will always be strived for. This is just the beginning. We are ever working towards new products that are tailored to every specific need and lifestyle.

Many of our friends, family, and fans say, “We don’t know how we ever held our device without a Graspy®!” For all of The Graspy® supporters out there, we give a big thank you for all of your continued encouragement. And if you are newly discovering The Graspy®, we hope to show you why our fans love our products so much!

The Graspy® is freedom from tradition. We are here to help you get a grasp on life.