Get a better phone grip, easily send text and take selfies with the Gripper, the Slider, the Popper, the Ringer and by Graspy

You can get a free Fidget Spinner with the purchase of any Graspy product.

The Gripper

Simple. Efficient. Dependable.

The Slider

A lifestyle without limitations.

The Ringer

Freedom from

The Popper

Values simplicity and effectiveness.

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Be your own designer and feel free to play with different styles to create a unique Gripper/Slider/Ringer/Popper that matches your attire every day. A Graspy cell phone accessory is also a thoughtful personalized gift to someone you like that shows that you really took the time to come up with something different. You can also contact us at to place a custom order. We offer free shipping on all purchases, fast deliveries and extended warranty.

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About Us

Where Value and Quality intersect, you will find The GRASPY phone handlers. We have designed cell phone products here in the US that meets extremely high quality standards. Each product is hand inspected prior to being shipped to you. We want to make cell phone accessories that you can be proud to wear and that will last, but that won't break the bank.

Our goal is to launch a first wave of products and gain feedback to launch further styles for our customers, always providing the utmost in quality.


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Read What our customers say

  • "I recently bought the Gripper and the Popper. I love them both! The fit and finish are great. I own many cell phone grips and handles, including brands that are more expensive. I can truly say that my Graspy is a fantastic product, always ready when I need it. Also, I can vouch for the fact that the Graspy’s customer service is excellent. When I had a concern or question, it was always addressed promptly." Steve K.
  • "My Graspy Slider arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. I sticked it to my phone and I immediately adopted it. I am so glad I got the Slider, it is the cell phone accessory. I love It, it is fresh, smart and fashionable. I am a customer and fan for life! I will be buying new creations from the Graspy." Chad T.
  • This is definitely my favourite cell phone handle by far. The detail that went into this is incredible. All my friends want one. Michael Johnson
  • I’ve just added two more Graspy to my cell phone and tablet and they are amazing. You guys have really gone the extra mile in enhancing design quality and customer experience. It was definitely money well spent – I can’t wait for your next release! Mike K.